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Whether you experience water in your basement or not, your basement allows moisture into your home. Lots of moisture.

High levels of moisture in your house or business can lead to problems with corrosion, decay, rot, mold, and mildew. These problems often come with a foul smell and can cause poor indoor air quality. To transform a damp, dark basement into a non-threatening room Advanced Air Solutions will “encapsulate” the basement.

How will a basement encapsulation help me?

  • Seal off the growth of harmful mold and mildew
  • Minimize the intrusion of moisture vapor into your entire home
  • Prevent the rusting of metal, the rotting of wood, warping furniture, etc.
  • Also minimize air leakage so your home stays cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter
  • Virtually eliminate bad vapors and musty smells


Explain the basement encapsulation process, please…

By “encapsulating” we literally mean covering the foundation walls, floor, and every other surface with a 12-mil polyethylene vapor barrier. To be an “encapsulated basement” the vapor barrier must continue up foundation walls and also be sealed (taped) to the floor vapor barrier. Plate seal barriers are used, and many times, basement floor supports, as well as plumbing that comes through the dirt and walls are also sealed. Using a variety of tapes and products, we completely "seal" up the space between the foundation wall and the basement vapor barrier to seal the moisture under the barrier.

Depending on the severity of your basement you may also need a trench and sump pumps to handle larger amounts of water. And some homeowners choose to install a new concrete floor to really do it right.

Have one of our qualified professionals examine your home and better explain this unique process. Contact Advanced Air Solutions today.