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Crawl space structural repair, Wilmington, NC, area 

Advanced Air Solutions has decades of experience

Is your crawl space damaging your home's foundation? If so, you can thank good old “moisture in the crawl space” for that one. The ideal solution is a crawl space structural repair by Advanced Air Solutions. We’ve been doing these crawl space structural repairs for decades.

What’s involved in a crawl space structural repair?

Every situation is different. Typically, we replace floor joists, beams, and sill plates – basically the entire floor framing system under your house.  We can also stop the rot process by eliminating the high moisture levels in your crawl space. Finally, our best-in-class approach is to properly seal the crawl space with an Advanced Air Solutions encapsulation system. This removes moisture from the ground and air, providing a mold-free, radon-free, and insect-free environment (which also produces a more energy-efficient and healthier home). 


How does a crawl space fail?

The joists, sill plates, beams, and sub-floor of the room above are all completely exposed to the crawl space environment. The airborne moisture trapped in the crawl space or basement will condense on the dry wood, raising the moisture content. Crawl space areas are almost always damp, and the unaware homeowner has no idea how much rot is actually taking place.

Get answers before it’s too late. Let Advanced Air Solutions inspect, diagnose, and evaluate the condition of your crawl space. Then count on our 25 years of expertise to make any needed structural repairs, large or small. Give us a call at 910-791-7888.