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Crawlspace Easy Maintenance and Care Tips

For many homeowners, their crawlspace is “out of sight, out of mind” unless using it for storage. But crawlspaces are an important part of the home, and it’s necessary to properly maintain them to prevent serious structural damage. 

Importance of a Clean Crawlspace


Failing to maintain the crawlspace can cause thousands of dollars in structural repair costs. A poorly insulated crawlspace allows moisture to accumulate underneath the home when there are drastic temperature changes, which we know all about here in North Carolina! This moisture can lead to mold growth and an influx of warm or cold air beneath the home, leading the heating and cooling systems to work overtime. Plus, anything toxic in the crawlspace, whether from mold, mildew, or pest feces, gets circulated through the home.

Crawlspace Maintenance


Keeping the crawlspace clean doesn’t have to involve tons of effort, but there are a few necessary steps that, if taken now, can prevent thousands of dollars in damage down the road. 

Inspection: The first place to start is a professional inspection, where a qualified technician can check for moisture, mildew, and mold. If moisture is detected, the perimeter drain or sump pump may need to be repaired or replaced. If a rodent or pest infestation is detected, an exterminator will need to eliminate that problem. Skipping the initial inspection can lead to wasted time, thousands of dollars in wasted money, and major problems in the future. 

Ventilation: Once moisture and pest problems have been eradicated, it’s time to check the space for sufficient airflow. Additionally, if any holes or gaps are found in the walls, around vents, or around the entryway, they will need to be sealed to prevent additional unwanted critters from entering. 

Vapor Barrier Installation: The vapor barrier is a thick plastic sheet that lines the walls and floor to prevent additional moisture from accumulating in the crawlspace. All moisture must be eliminated during the inspection, or this step is a waste of time and money! 

Insulation: After the vapor barrier is installed, the crawlspace is insulated with one of several materials, such as fiberglass batts or spray foam insulation. The insulation creates a tight seal to keep air and heat out, and it protects against moisture and mold growth. 

Dehumidifier: A mechanical device installed in the crawlspace that keeps humidity in acceptable ranges and includes a digital remote monitor that lets the customer monitor the humidity in the crawlspace. 

The crawlspace isn’t a part of the home that can be ignored until it’s needed for storage space; it’s part of the foundation of the home and needs to be properly maintained to avoid thousands of dollars of damage. To schedule a crawlspace inspection with a free estimate, contact Advanced Air Solutions at 910-791-7888.


11/27/2021 by Shammy P

You made a good point when you said that skipping the initial inspection of crawl space could lead to major problems in the future and wasted time. This must be the reason why our crawl space ended up getting damaged and infested with pests. I will be sure to hire a professional to ensure that it would be repaired right away.

12/10/2021 by Vivian Black

I never thought about the moisture in a crawlspace as something that would mold growth or an influx of warm or cold air underneath the house. This could affect the heating and cooling systems to work harder. That could cause more money expense. My parents' home is older. They have been having some issues with the heating bill they have not had before. Even having an inspector come out has yielded them no solution. Perhaps they need to put insulation in their crawlspace. I will tell them to contact a contractor who can help them with this.

04/04/2022 by Thomas Clarence

It was really informative when you talked about how a vapor barrier prevents moisture from accumulating in your crawl space. I would imagine that moisture in your crawl space can weaken your foundation and floors. If the floors become weak enough, they could collapse and cause some major problems.

05/23/2022 by Evarmex

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04/16/2023 by Ms. My

Yeah! Crawl spaces are frequently out of sight and out of mind, making them simple to overlook. However, without adequate upkeep, your crawl area is vulnerable to dampness, heat loss, bugs, and a variety of other issues.

05/06/2023 by Elle Jones

You had a solid point when you noted that neglecting the initial crawl space examination might result in significant issues down the road and wasted effort. This must be the cause of the damage and bug infestation that occurred in our crawl area. To guarantee that it will be fixed as soon as possible, I will make sure to engage an expert.

06/05/2023 by Eve Mitchell

Thanks for mentioning that a professional crawlspace company can check for moisture, mildew, and mold. I'd like to get a crawlspace inspection done before I put my home on the market. It'd be nice since I haven't had that done in nearly 5 years.

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