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Mold Remediation Contractors in New Hanover County, NC

Wall and baseboard in need of mold removal service from HVAC company Advanced Air Solutions in Wilmington, NC

Water leakage and mold can create serious problems for homeowners, from foundation issues to health problems caused by breathing in toxic air. Advanced Air Solutions provides mold remediation and removal services in the Wilmington area. With over 25 years of experience in improving indoor air quality, you can count on us to remove mold and prevent its recurrence in your home.

Buying a Home? Selling a Home? Watch Out for Mold!

If you’re buying a home, it’s essential that you have it inspected for the presence of mold before making an offer. As a structural repair company, we have seen firsthand the toll that mold and moisture can take on a home’s foundation. The last thing you want as a new homeowner is to spend more money on costly, unexpected repairs and crawlspace renovations. If you are selling your home, you should also be certain that no mold problems exist prior to placing your home on the market.

Finding and Identifying Crawlspace Mold

Crawlspaces are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, especially in humid climates. Crawlspaces with excessive moisture and poor ventilation are particularly prone to mold spores; stuffy air and a foul odor are two signs that mold is present. It can often be found growing in corners and in moist areas of crawlspaces. Mold can be toxic and can lead to allergic reactions and serious health problems, so if you think your home has mold, it’s time for a professional inspection.

How Do You Know If You Have Mold?

If mold is present, you may notice signs of it throughout your home, including a general musty odor. Damp spots on walls indicate that water has absorbed through the wall; you may also notice dark grey splotches in various places. Peeling paint is another sign of moisture inside walls. If you notice a white chalky substance on your walls, call a professional immediately. This substance, called efflorescence, can be a sign of possible structural deterioration. Warped paneling and dry rot are also indicative of mold or fungus.

Failing to address mold early can make your family, pets, and home vulnerable to its harmful effects. Our professional mold remediation services can resolve your mold problem so your family can breathe easy once again. If you suspect the presence of mold, call Advanced Air Solutions today at (910) 791-7888 for a free inspection.

“The Technicians have such great work ethics, and they were so polite. They were such hard working, skilled individuals. I was surprised to still be able to find such high-quality professionals in Wilmington. It was such a pleasure…”  From Yura M., Kure Beach

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Advanced Air Solutions

Advanced Air Solutions provides professional indoor air quality services and structural solutions to residents in New Hanover County, NC. Additionally, we offer air duct cleaning, mold removal, crawl space renovation and structural repair, HVAC maintenance and sanitation services. Give us a call to schedule a service today!

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