Residential Zoning Systems in New Hanover County, NC

Residential Zoning System Installation in New Hanover County, NC

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It's essential for the comfort of your home to maintain a consistent temperature. A standard air system and heat pump aren't enough for many homes. Advanced Air Solutions provides New Hanover County, NC residents with residential zoning systems to address these common issues. By installing a separate thermostat in each zone of your home, every area is temperature-controlled for a boost in comfort. Contact us today for a free estimate.


What Is A Residential HVAC Zoning System?

A residential zoning system gives you complete control over the temperature in every zone of your home. The HVAC zone control system warms or cools each room by working with your thermostat to provide only the necessary cooling or heating in each room. This means if you prefer one room cooler than another room, your zoning system controls it. 

How Does A Residential Zoning System Work?

A zoning system is installed inside your home's ductwork with dampers that manage airflow throughout the house. The dampers designate zones in the home, working to limit or increase airflow through the ducts in each space. When thermostat controls are changed in each zone, the dampers let a specified amount of air through to the room to heat or cool the zone. 

Do I Need Residential Zoning?

Our Advanced Air Solutions experts can help determine if you need a residential zoning system in your home. If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, you may be a candidate for residential zoning: 

  • Does your home have more than one story?
  • Do you have a concrete slab foundation?
  • Do you have an elaborate floor plan?
  • Do you have large glass windows?
  • Does your home have trouble maintaining a set temperature?

Benefits of Residential Zoning Systems

The benefits of residential zoning systems include: 

  • Energy Savings – Zoning systems allow you to shut off the air in unused rooms to help save money.
  • Customized Settings – No one needs to compromise when every zone in your home can be set to different temperatures to keep everyone comfortable. 
  • Higher Comfort Levels – If you have spaces in your home that run hotter or colder than other areas, zoning allows you to regulate the temperature in each room. 

Residential Zoning FAQs

1. What constitutes a zone? 

A zone can be a floor, a group of rooms, or a single room in your home. 

2. Can I add a zoning system to my current system? 

Yes, we can add a zoning system to your current system. Our approach depends on the type and size of your home.

3. If my home is small, can I benefit from a zoning system?

Yes! Our zoning systems are perfect for any home with a vaulted ceiling, large windows, a finished attic, guest bedrooms, and unused rooms.

4. Can I use my furnace with zoning systems? 

Yes, you can use your zoned HVAC system with your furnace. 

5. How many zones can I have in my home?

The number of zones in your home depends on the layout of your house, your schedule, and your lifestyle. 

6. Will a zoning system solve drafty areas in my home?

This is a tricky question. We need to investigate insulation issues and air leaks before determining if a zoning system can solve your draft problems.

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Zoning systems are the perfect way to keep your New Hanover County Home cool in the warmer months and warm in the colder months. If your home could use temperature regulation to keep everyone comfortable, contact us for a free estimate. With more than a quarter-century of experience in home air quality improvement, we're armed with the knowledge and skill to boost the comfort of your home. Contact us today.

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