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How Clean Air Ducts Help During COVID-19

A home’s air ducts perform extensive work without everyone inside having to think about it. As COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to homeowners across the country, air ducts may play an even larger part in protecting people from becoming ill. Discover the additional benefits clean air ducts can provide during the pandemic.

Healthier Living

It’s already important to keep air ducts clean, and when they are, it can make a difference in indoor air quality. Particles like mold and allergens can collect in and around air ducts; these pollutants may more easily spread when the ducts are left unchecked. Individuals who think they have contracted COVID-19 could actually be victims of mold growth or exposure to other irritants. Once the ducts are clean, improved air quality can alleviate these symptoms.

Fighting the Illness

Keeping air ducts clean could also make recovery easier for those who are sick with the virus. If there are irritants like mold in the home, they could worsen symptoms; by eliminating them, homeowners can help their loved ones deal with any respiratory ailments. While they won’t replace proper hygiene, clean air ducts could contribute more to recuperation than people may be aware of.

Protecting the System

The air ducts can operate as an entryway into a home’s heating or cooling system, so keeping them clean can be a great defense. Whether it’s vermin, mold, or even an excessive dust buildup, foreign substances could negatively affect the system.

With the help of professionals, homeowners can keep their ducts properly cleaned and their air quality intact. The dedicated professionals at Advanced Air Solutions also offer mold remediation, HVAC maintenance, and virucide treatments to further protect Wilmington homes and their airways from dangerous contaminants. Contact us today for a free estimate!


03/23/2022 by Eve Mitchell

It's good to know that keeping air ducts clean can inhibit irritants from entering the home. I'm thinking about getting my air ducts professionally cleaned. I think it'll help with allergy season since that's coming up.

07/07/2022 by Diana Bennet

Great article. I don't think many people realize the importance of having your air ducts cleaned. It definitely creates a huge improvement in your indoor air quality. I have kids, so I always make sure to call <a href="">Direct Air Miami</a> to have the ducts cleaned.

08/25/2022 by Anna Collins

It's good that you brought up how healthier living can be maintained if we keep our air ducts cleaned since pollutants can spread more easily if they're left unchecked and continue accumulating. I have asthma, so I wanted to get the air ducts in the new place I moved into last week properly cleaned. I'll be sure to contact dust control services for the job as soon as possible.

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