Example of moisture affecting a home's foundation

How Moisture Affects Your Home’s Foundation

Often, homeowners don’t think about maintenance for their home’s foundation until an issue arises. Especially here in coastal North Carolina, moisture is an ever-present risk to the safety and longevity of a property’s foundation. When moisture levels are high, it can cause the soil around the foundation to expand and push on the foundation. Then, as the soil dries, it contracts and moves away, causing a dangerous cycle that can hinder the integrity of the foundation. Understanding the causes and common signs of an issue will help homeowners catch a problem early and prevent expensive—and dangerous—damage.

What Causes a Moisture Problem?


Living by the ocean comes with many perks. But it also means a constant battle to manage moisture levels. While most homes here in Wilmington are built without a basement due to the high water table, water can still impact the foundation and crawlspace area under the home. The most common cause of moisture damage comes from heavy rainfall and improper drainage. Particularly if drainage leaves water settling unevenly on the property, it can cause the foundation to shift and crack. Trees can also become a culprit for moisture damage if they are planted too close to the home. The roots can expand, collecting moisture underneath the foundation and drying out the surrounding areas.

What Are the Signs of a Moisture Problem?


The first sign of a moisture problem is often visible water. If water is leaking or pooling around the exterior of the home, this is not a good sign. Homeowners should also regularly check the crawlspace for signs of wood rot or mold. Black or brown mold could be a sign of rot fungus, which can cause serious structural damage to the home. Other signs of damage include cracks and gaps in the floors, walls, concrete, and chimney structure. If doors and windows become skewed, making it difficult to open and close, this could also be an indication of the foundation shifting due to moisture.

Moisture can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and crawl space. But with regular inspections and maintenance, you can help protect your biggest investment from serious damage. Let our expert team at Advanced Air Solutions help you with structural repairs and crawlspace renovations to seal out moisture and remove contaminants. Call us at 910-791-7888 to get your free estimate today.

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